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When you see this whip, you think to yourself, ďWow, Iím in for a treat.Ē And thatís exactly what youíre going to get with this one.

The quality of this piece if top notch. Not only is the whip itself real leather but the handle sports a nice braided pattern, which lets you really get a grip on what youíre about to inflict. Using it is just as simple as any other whip but the weight behind it gives it that extra boost of power. I can almost hear the cracking sound it makes while typing this.

Oh and did we mention the beautiful little marks it leaves? Me being someone who loves leaving marks this whip doesnít make an exception. Just the slightest flick of it leaves the skin rose red, making it easy to use for experts or beginners in impact play.

All in all this whip is AMAZING. Top notch quality and even better feeling (using and being used on.) www.FlogMeBaby.com has totally nailed it on this one and we definitely think this one whip you need for you arsenal.