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Right after receiving Double Trouble, and running my hands once over the leather, I had that "blink" of confidence that it was going to be the way I wanted it. Scary powerful, intimidating, but also capable of being swung with a smooth, balanced feel through the air, at all angles to suit any position I put my submissive or any bottom in. The sheer weight of the leather, combined with its hard and detailed finish, strongly suggested generous amounts of sting and thud.

After giving it my own breaking-in process, it is sensual, powerful, firm, supple and yet precise as far as targeting and intensity. I think you can only get those qualities all together by having really top quality leather, tanning & finishing. I'm very pleased to report that the first few days have been incredibly great - it's everything I'd hoped for and more. It's become my instant "go-to" implement; it really gets its message across, a great addition to our D/s relationship.

Thanks @FlogMeBaby for your focus on QUALITY. You've taken the classic D-ring slapper/strap and moved it to a hot new level! Yrs. truly, @SociaLeather