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For my first purchase from FlogMeBaby, I ordered The Thumper. It will not be my last order. First, the service is outstanding and experienced, knowledgeable people are available to give sound advice if it's needed. I'm 5'6" and wanted something versatile but near my limit to throw accurately and comfortably.  This is it! The flogger is well made, the falls are wrapped snugly and offer great flow and follow through. The handle is not as large in diameter as some, making it easier for me to grip and control. It's braided smoothly and snugly.

After acclimating to the speed of my new flogger, it throws like a dream. So versatile and easy to handle. With a little practice, you can use this flogger to give a nice heavy thud, or use the tips of the falls to put some sting behind your throw. 

Ms. Barbara