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Before I get into the meat of this review, I have to say this: 

Even though I’m an “impact person,” Captain Midnight is the only slapper I’ve owned that I bring along even if I’m wearing a big leather belt.  

I’ll break the rest of my thoughts down into the pros and cons of playing with Captain Midnight!  


This is an ideal spanking toy for a new or seasoned top. It’s hefty and satisfying to use, and it makes a great sound that can help new tops get their aim just right. 

Speaking of sounds, I need to mention that again… 

Because of its ingenious construction, this slapper makes a singular sound. The metal core in the handle is a great idea: the momentum of its weight, combined with the beautifully calculated tongue length, makes music when you swing it. 

But that’s not to say that the bark is bigger than the bite. I’d say this slapper has a nice, broad “pain range” between 4 and 9 – a versatile toy that gives you lots of mileage with many sensations. (You can fold the strap in half – or, if you dare, use the other end – for an intimate spanking toy that saves you the trouble of reddening your hand). 

Personally, I love this slapper because even though it’s fun and easy to use, it invites finesse. A skilled top can develop substantially more style and control with it than you could with most other slappers – so, you can buy it as a beginner, but use it for life. 


As leather handles go, this one is pleasant to hold, but it’s still leather, so it’s not the grippiest. Especially if you are one of the new tops I just recommended this toy to, I suggest wrapping the handle strap around your wrist so the handle doesn’t slip and fly into your victim (or worse, a spectator!) 

Also, because it transmits force so well, it’s easy for a beginning top to miscalculate the swing of this slapper and inflict more pain than intended. I’d recommend a little practice on an inanimate object – or your own arm or leg – before you get slapping on an ass. ;)

In the end, I have to say that FlogMeBaby’s toys look, feel, sound and smell better than other toys that cost twice as much. I’m planning to get all the stuff I want before they figure this out.