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Sir and i gently tested out the Deluxe Emperor the night before playing for a big scene publicly. There's no way around it, it is going to sting.

Now, the time has come and i am wondering when which way my body was going to be played. Then, i felt the snap. This was not the snap, burn, sting of any other toy We have of yours, this was the Deluxe Emperor. i made a very rookie mistake, i tensed for i knew another blow was coming and i let out a scream. Sir had wielded it perfectly on the bench to wrap around and catch the soft part of my sides. Depending on His force, this will leave lovely lashes, make fantastic sounds and have your masochistic sub make some of her own. i was flipped, and flogged on my front as well...let me say the notched handle just about made our spectators stand and clap. It made me scream with delight and put a very big smile on Sir's face!