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I've used The Dominator (TD) for 2+ years now, as part of a 20+ array of leather strap, slapper, tawse, strop and paddle implements, and a full array of wicked latex disciplinary tools. But leather is my first love. And alone, at the top, above ALL the other finely made implements, is The Dominator.

It has the power to push the envelope on almost any heavy-duty lovin' bottom. It offers precise control of both intensity and rhythm, so the power - the whole scene really - is easily regulated by the Top. It is a superb sensation implement, so it's useful all over the body. Including under the nose, where its earthy leather aroma excites the senses further. This implement's durability and resilience are excellent; after many hours of use, the thick, high quality leather shows few signs of wear. The precise feel remains.
I've done individual and group scenes using it as a 'finale' such that bottoms who know me literally shudder when the Dominator comes out. New, LOUD howling, complaining and various forms of guarding, and worse, from bottoms who had just been in an endorphin-induced bliss. I am not kidding- it happens every time in either group or couples play. The Dominator always rises to the occasion, subduing every bottom with unquestionable Domination. The entire body is easily and precisely targetable. I also like to play with the handle too, a fabulous, ultra-heavy penetration/intimidation toy with a rock solid chrome finish. From all my heavy sub play pals, 'Thank you Dominator! Fuck you Dominator!! Fuck..!!'.Ě Thanks FlogMeBaby.com!