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The Dragon's Tail is typical FlogMeBaby.com super high-quality all the way.

The tail itself is the perfect weight leather; it's the perfect middle weight and thickness. It rolled out beautifully right from the start, and was easy to get the hang of, from different angles. The red color is great and the tanning quality is superb. It can be a very precise and valuable implement in a Top's collections, once you get to know it. All tails require some finesse and concentration to deliver a steady stream of high-sting hits, but this one performed consistently well enough to make learning easier. It's perfect for the entire body below the head. The plaited handle is well made and attractive in black, providing a solid but lightweight anchor for the tail.

Thanks again to FlogMeBaby.com - every time I trust in your quality, you come through big time!!


Review: DRAGON'S TONGUE Flogger


I really like this toy. It's tightly plaited and the internal handle makes it very accurate even for those with less experience with single tails. Great for bottoms with less experience, too. It's not as harsh as a whip but still causes them to start twitching before you land the first strike. The leather strip used for the tongue is very soft and supple. As your play progresses you can easily change it to something harsher.


I also got the Dragons Tongue III. FD-03.  Again very well made with quality. I have not used it much, still getting the hang of it. It is fairly light in weight, not a bad thing at all. Maybe a heavier gauge of leather would add a few ounces to it.  I am able to use it in many ways though.