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First things first: www.FlogMeBaby.com is one of BDSM's best-kept secrets. Steve's low prices are scary (I paid $83.90 for the pair, including shipping), and the quality is superb. I've had another pair from him (the signature Mr. Thuddy) for 3 years, and they look gorgeous. I have no reason to think that this pair will age any worse.

I'd like to break the rest of review into the pros and cons of playing with the Knob Knocker IV.


These make a spectacular florentine set. The metal handles are lighter than you might expect, providing a balance just handle-heavy enough for the 24 svelte 21-inch tails to fly gracefully into the air. The handle (close-up at the bottom) feels good and allows for a variety of grips, including between-the-fingers -- not to mention, it creates a nice sensation, and who doesn't like a toy that does double duty?

Each pair of floggers gravitates toward its own range of speeds -- because of their weight and length, these prefer a faster pace and can provide a fluid yet intense sensation for your bottom.

The floggers are light and compact, so not only are they easy to travel with, but I can effortlessly swing two of these with one hand for a totally different sensation.

Finally, they're on the stingier side, but they still feel like floggers. Overall, as a lightweight yet versatile and potentially sadistic toy, these are a great counter-balance to the many floggers out there that are either ultra-thuddy or ultra-heavy and painful. Goldilocks would approve!


I can think of two cons:

First, these floggers are not for beginner bottoms, people with a very low pain tolerance, or people who are not into any sting. To use these properly, I need to go at a fairly high speed, and the above groups won't enjoy that over a sustained scene (for reference, I'd give these floggers a "pain range" from 5 to 8.5).

On the other hand, it's utterly delightful to see floggers that cater to more sadomasochistic players!

Second, I'm not sure one Knob Knocker IV is complete without its other half. This flogger just works better as a set, especially since using two in one hand can vary the sensation measurably. As such, it's not for beginner tops, either, but it can be a good starter set if you're learning to florentine. The good news is that you can get them both for the price of one from somebody else!

All in all, this set is quickly becoming indispensable -- an uncontested favorite in my toy box.