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Have you ever wanted to sneak away with a special someone and have a little kinky fun during the work day? The Master Blaster from www.Flogmebaby.com makes for a great addition to anyoneís portable toy box and could definitely add some extra spice to a mid-day kinky adventure.

The Master Blaster is a total length of 19 inches. Because of this discrete size it is the perfect size to fit in a purse, bag, or even a pant or coat pocket.  The entire flogger is made from 100% suede leather which offers a rougher finish that makes for a nice and secure grip. The wrist loop is a great size to fit around your wrist while  you use this toy.  The Master Blaster it is the ideal flogger for smaller spaces. It features a tightly braided handle that extends into the falls adding to the over all visual appeal of this toy. This is a light weight toy, weighing only 3 ounces, so putting it in your pant pocket isnít going to bring your pants down prematurely.  The four falls of this flogger are finished off with nicely knotted tassels. These tassels can make for a nice but firm brushing effect or a good sting.  

This flogger does give nice sensation, and because of the suede and tassels makes for an excellent transition flogger from the warm up to a more stingy or intense toy. The knots at the end of the flogger make for a nice localized thud. When the knots land you can gently feel the tassels brush against your skin, leaving you with a nice afterthought with each strike. A great feature about this flogger is the tassels. While they are ascetically pleasing, at the right distance they can offer a fair amount of sting.

When I had this used on my back I did find it to be a nice and pleasant experience. However, I wouldnít recommend starting out with this flogger for the beginning of the warm up. From my personal experience both on top and bottom, Iíve found that a flogger that covers more surface area works best for warm ups. Since this flogger makes for a more precise and localized strike, it could take longer to get someone warmed up. That being said, I found through experimentation that the Master Blaster makes for a great transitional flogger. Since this toy is made from 100% suede it offers a lower intensity impact while at the same time preparing someone for higher intensity toys. This makes for a smoother and gentler transition during play and less of a shock for the bottom when the more intense toys are used. Iíd like to point out that doesnít have to be just a transition flogger. The Master Blaster is well suited to be the only toy used. This a bonus, as bringing an entire toy bag for a mid-day kinky excursion could prove to be quite inconvenient.

Before this toy I hadnít really considered a transitional flogger, so for me this was getting to use the Master Blaster was a fun and inventive time. All things considered, this is a great toy.  While not the most intense or the biggest toy in the toy box, the Master Blaster can certainly get the job done. This is a good flogger that Iíd recommend for all levels of experience and pain tolerances.