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The Napoleon

After first unpacking The Napoleon, it needed some TLC, just like they do to remain in good condition. After a few rounds of deep conditioning, the falls are smooth and supple once more. Tight, smooth plaiting on the handle, nicely tied knots, and a sturdy loop. A couple of the falls have a very slight twist in them. Most of it is easily taken care of with conditioning and proper storage. What may remain doesn't hurt the functionality of the flogger.

I love the balance and weight of this flogger. The handle is slightly thicker than The Thumper. It's still not too thick for smaller hands, but it gives it a great feel in the palm. For me (at 5' 6") it's great if I want to be closer to a partner, take a break from a longer, heavier flogger, or -as Papa Tony mentioned- flog a chest.

Ms. Barbara