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Great value, but not sure why itís called a bullwhip-itís a sjambok. Iím a longtime whip thrower and own several top name bulls. The similarity to a bull is in the thong thickness at the handle, a robust construction used by some bullwhip artisans. The thong is not shot-loaded, (which would make it ultra-evil) but no matter- it seems durable and good for harshest scenes. The lighter weight doesnít reduce its nastiness - the braiding keeps it nice and springy/whippy. Itís responding well to its break-in period. A thin coating of Pecardís and lots of throwing is gradually turning this into a primo part of my BDSM whip-type implements. This will satisfy any endorphin slut/pain pig masochist, with a qualified Top in charge that is. My submissive wife is giving it a leery look with good reason