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This is quite the wicked little versatile thing. With one side smooth leather for a bite and the other with spikes for more of a bite, there is nothing nice about this paddle. We love it. It's small and easy to travel with. (Easily tucks into my medium size and larger purses.) It's mean. It's perfect. 


I am starting to have a rather wicked fascination with leather paddles. This is our fourth one at this point, and I am constantly surprised at the range in sensation they can offer. The Studded Paddle takes all that up a notch with the spiked side. Plus, spikes are punk as fuck. I basically have to love this. 

Flog Me Baby always blows me away by the quality their products have without the high sticker price. Somehow they are able to offer real leather goods that are functional and pretty while still being astonishingly affordable. I've seen fake leather paddles that go for over $25, much less a studded real leather paddle. 

In kink gear, materials and attention to detail are the two things that will set apart an item from the rest. The Studded Paddle is well made with nice, thick leather, so it has that criteria locked down. The attention to detail was the thing that really stood out to me. 

The handle has a thin leather wrapping that gives the paddle a solid grip. There's a solid metal loop for hanging this off of whatever your heart desires. The leather piece that holds that ring on has pretty points and solid rivets. The red stitching on the paddle matches the red wrap on the handle. And then, of course, the wicked spikes feature down the sides of the paddle. 

The beauty of this paddle is that you can use both sides depending on how sadistic you feel at that point in time. The blank side offers a nice thwack that leans towards stingy. The spikey side takes that up a notch with a bite that you won't forget. I, personally, adore when paddles find a way to utilize both sides for different sensations. 

Everything about the construction and materials of this feels really solid. There is nothing here that I worry about falling apart. The leather is nice and thick while still flexible. The studs are well attached. The stitching and rivets are tight. I am picky about my impact gear having really good quality, and I can't find anything to complain about. 

This is an amazing deal on a great little paddle. It's a nice stable that offers options. Plus, it my the Archduke, Lord of Pants of the Domliest Type happy because it looks totally metal. This is pretty, functional, and a great price. Who can complain about that?