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If I had to pick one word to describe the Super Slapper, it'd be "addictive". I've got a bucket full of slappers and riding crops, but I find myself reaching for this, because it's just plain fun.

To be as useful as possible, I'd like to break this review down into the pros and cons of playing with the Super Slapper.


1. The Feel.

When you take this toy in your hand, it feels right. Unlike a riding crop, there's substantial weight on the looped end, so as a top, you really feel yourself inflicting the pain. It's a beautiful thing.

2. The Sound-Pain Ratio.

There are times when you can't play loudly, but you still want to play hard. Compared to the average paddle or flogger, the Super Slapper makes a discreet sound that probably won't wake the neighbors (though I can't speak for your bottom!). The two sensations – loop-side-down and sideways – can get quite intense (Pain Range: 8 out of 10) without getting loud. I'd give this toy a "noise rating" of 3/10.

3. The Unique, Enjoyable Sensation.

It's not sting; it's not thud. It's not a paddle, a cane, a slapper, or a riding crop – it's like a four-way hybrid of all of all of them. Pain slut or princess, your bottom is bound to like this.

4. The Look.

There's artistry in this toy. I was a little doubtful when I saw it online, but when the slapper arrived, the quality (as I am coming to expect from FMB) stunned me. In black and purple, it looks substantial, elegant, and like an "implement" not just a toy.


1. The Whippiness.

Less a critique and more a word of caution: this toy is whippy. A small increase in force gives a big increase in pain. I slap myself a few times before I slap my bottom with this, just to make sure I'm in the right ballpark when I strike.

2. The Versatility.

This isn't the most versatile toy in my bag. Unlike a riding crop, it's not quite small enough for genitalia, and it won't beat a paddle at up-close-and-personal spanking. Unlike a belt, it's not something I'd craft a whole scene around.

On the other hand, it has mass appeal and pairs well with other impact toys – like Nutella, everyone likes it, and it's good with anything!


I bought the Super Slapper II RB-02. I see the same good quality all around on this one as well.  Both ends are usable for play, and my play partner really enjoyed this slapper. Like REALLY REALLY like it! It's an excellent toy, and I would highly recommend. 


In the end 100 percent satisfied with my order. Shipping was quick and painless. Quality was above what I saw in the photos shown on-line, and worth the money. I have seen similar stuff going for double if not triple the price. I will be getting some floggers soon (red of course). Stay kinky out there everyone!