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The Enforcer flogger from Flogmebaby.com is just that, the Enforcer! With this flogger I can literally rear back and hit someone with all of the force I can generate and not have to worry about causing any major harm. This is not only a great warm up flogger, but can also be used during play as a nice break from a more painful item.

The Enforcer has an 8.5 inch handle made from 100% polished cowhide and 36 3/8″ wide 17.5″ looped falls made from 100% suede leather. The Enforcer comes in at a total length of 31″ measuring from the end of the wrist loop to the end of the falls. Since the Enforcerís falls are looped it is especially important to move any furniture around you as the falls can become caught mid swing. Itís even a good idea to keep your free hand out of the path of the flogger as the falls can and will catch on your fingers mid-swing and will throw off your pattern. This toy is also well balanced and would make a perfect flogger for Florentine Flogging. Also, because this is a well balanced flogger you are able to play for extended periods of time without getting tired or sore. I have an old shoulder injury that likes to flare up every now and then, and even with the flare up I am still able to use this flogger with no additional discomfort to my shoulder.

The Enforcer is an amazing flogger to work with. The best way to describe the way this feels would have to be a very heavy and deep thud. Getting hit with the Enforcer offers great impact and sensation without the addition of much pain to the person being hit. The looped falls gives the effect that you are being hit with a 72 fall flogger and adds to the thud that you will be feeling. The real beauty in this comes from the fact that you can really Ďjust let some one have it.í The suede and the loops makes the Enforcer the perfect flogger for someone who likes to swing hard but who is not necessarily into giving a whole lot of pain. Since the falls are suede, you can also drag them along the personís body to switch up the kind of sensation they are receiving.

I have received great feedback from using this flogger on people, and have even had a few people ask me to just use The Enforcer the next time we play because they liked it so much. I would strongly recommend this not only to people just starting out but for also the experienced players as well. For those just starting out with flogging, the soft suede lessens the chances of any serious bodily harm being caused, and for the experienced players, The Enforcer offers great balance and weight perfect for Florentine Flogging.  On a thuddy scale of 1 to 10 The Enforcer gets a very solid 9 out of 10.

Pixelís comments: I absolutely adore this flogger! Itís my new favourite warm up toy. I love that the material is deliciously soft and doesnít leave my skin feeling raw or chafed, even after a half hour or longer flogging session! When I use the Enforcer, Iíve found that it fits well in my hands, and the length of the falls lets me get a bit closer to the person I am playing, making the scene a bit more intimate. The fact that I can swing with all of my strength with this flogger and not have to worry about seriously hurting the person I am playing with is an added bonus. (To me, being hit with this full out is a deliciously deep thud.) Iím definitely going to have to invest in one of my own in the near future!

Overall, this is a great flogger that is perfect for all levels of skill and experience. It is a definite must have for anyoneís toy box!

Review from an Anonymous Buyer: October 2021


I would like to thank you for your site, your amazing array of QUALITY products and mostly for your amazing attitude, helpfulness and customer service!

Your Enforcer III was my first purchase of a quality flogger! I've had a few, but they were cheap toys. Your Enforcer is the REAL DEAL!

Thank you for helping me fulfill my lady's desire! It was difficult to find a "looped fall" flogger! I guess most want that sting? I am anxious to USE this and see how it is ... received!