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For my first purchase from FlogMeBaby, I ordered The Thumper. It will not be my last order. First, the service is outstanding and experienced, knowledgeable people are available to give sound advice if it's needed. I'm 5'6" and wanted something versatile but near my limit to throw accurately and comfortably.  This is it! The flogger is well made, the falls are wrapped snugly and offer great flow and follow through. The handle is not as large in diameter as some, making it easier for me to grip and control. It's braided smoothly and snugly.

After acclimating to the speed of my new flogger, it throws like a dream. So versatile and easy to handle. With a little practice, you can use this flogger to give a nice heavy thud, or use the tips of the falls to put some sting behind your throw. 

Ms. Barbara

by an anonymous customer on October 28, 2020

I wanted to thank you for the quick shipping and give a review.

The tracking number was supposed to deliver the product to me 2 days ago (Monday).  Instead I received it Saturday!  What an excellent surprise as my wife and I had the house to ourselves for the weekend.
Saturday a friend joined us and I kept it hidden.  Sunday I brought it out to show my “less than willing” flogger to be.  She agreed to try after our prior weekend...
I will tell you she actually enjoyed herself. She didn’t think she would but she did.  And she was creative and occasionally inaccurate which delivered some exciting sensations
I think the “tool makes the Mechanic better” if it’s the right tool!  This is the right tool!  She wrapped my hip a couple times and it left some great bite marks that went away within hours.  She tries my back, ass thighs and bottom of my feet.

She positioned me and had some lashes find more delicate areas. That sort of sting set me off a bit... but was ready for more. She enjoyed hitting my ass and the whip into my softer bits and she quickly became very accurate. 

She had me jumping out of my skin in expectation as she kept up an uneven pace. 1-2 seconds between lashes and then maybe 3 or 4.

Your flogger looked and felt Great! With more training I can’t wait for our next session!  A premium product. Already looking at getting another.

Hoping she finds a way to leave some more heat and a few “longer lasting” marks. Battle scars or better yet “badges of honor”
Willingly flogged 

by an anonymous customer September 2021

I ordered the purple/black flogger and it's more beautiful than I thought it would be. I'm not really one for stinging sensations, but this has the *perfect* balance between sting-y and thwack-y. It has a wonderful weight to it, not to light or too heavy. And the way it lands is absolutely perfect, thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending this shop to friends and buying again when I need another fun toy to add to my collection.