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I’m going start by stating that when I say that this paddles ‘sucks’ I do not mean by any means that there is anything wrong with this paddle. What I mean is that this paddle is quite stingy and painful. This is an excellent piece that I have enjoyed using over and over again. The Double Tawse Paddle from Flogmebaby.com is an amazing toy that should be reserved for those with a good tolerance for pain.

This paddle is made from heavy, genuine cowhide and measures 20″ in length and 2.75″ wide. The paddle offers a metal reinforced handle that makes for a good, firm grip. The toy comes with red stitching on one side and black on the other side. This offers a nice accent and contrast to the overall appearance of the paddle. It also comes with hanging loop. It isn’t big enough to fit your wrist through, but it doesn’t effect the overall use of the paddle. The hanging loop is, however, the perfect size to hang over a door handle for your partner to find when they come home.

As far as using this paddle is concerned, it is a lazy person’s favorite paddle. I say this because it takes very little effort on the part of the person using it to deliver a solid smack. The split in the tawse provides maximum ‘ouch’ with minimal effort, while the diamond head tip of the paddle can be used to pin point a specific spot. This makes the this paddle not only a fun toy but also a versatile one as well. This paddle does hurt and has the potential to literally lift someone off their feet. When I first got this paddle I asked my partner to give me a good smack. I was wearing denim jeans and I still felt a very sold sting on my ass. When you move to bare skin, this paddle really knows how to make its presence known.

This paddle is very flexible. Because of this flexibility the Double Tawse can give two hits in one. The portion of the paddle closest to the handle hits first, followed by the diamond head tip. This means that you do have to be mindful of ’wrapping’ and hitting places you didn’t intend to hit. Although this is a paddle it doesn’t have to be restricted to someone’s ass. I’ve also used this paddle on the upper back. Using the paddle on the upper back completely changes the sensation. Using the tip of the paddle on the upper back gives more of a thuddy sensation opposed to a stinging sensation. Using this paddle on the back opposed the the butt is great for people who might have to do a lot of sitting the next day. The cool feel of the leather does also offer a nice contrast to the intense feeling of being hit.

Since this paddle is only 20″ it is great for CQS (Close Quarter Spanking). The Double Tawse paddle can be used on someone standing up, kneeling, bending over a bench, or, my personal favorite, across a lap. This is a perfect paddle for using in small spaces and makes for an excellent toy to have in your toy box. It does come with some serious sting so if you love to have a nice warm and stingy butt, this is the toy for you. This paddle not only feels great but works wonders.  As far as paddles go, I’d have to say that the Double Tawse Paddle is a great paddle to own.

I give this toy two bright red butt cheeks of approval!

Thank you to antipova for the wonderful suggestion to have some history of the Tawse. So in order to not disappoint, I now give you for you reading pleasure a brief history of the Tawse.

The tawse drives it’s name from the method of curing the hide known as ‘Tawing.’ The Tawse has its roots predominately within the Educational system of Scotland but was also used in English cities such as Gateshead, Manchester, and Walsall. Scottish public (state) schools used the tawse as a form of corporal punishment for both male and female students. The students were asked to hold their hands our palm face up, one of top of the other, with the hand that was to be hit on top. This made sure that the students would not be able to move their hand and would receive the full impact of each stroke. The punishments could be carried out by any teacher and were normally administered in front of the rest of the class in order to deter any other misconduct from the rest of the class.

The tawse, after going to school and getting a sounds education, made it’s appearance in the Scottish judiciary system and an alternative corporal punishment to the birch. Boys between the ages of 14-16 years could be sentenced to up 36 strokes on the bare buttocks with an extra heavy tawse for any offense. Judicial Corporal punishment was was later abolished in 1948.

In 1982 a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights about parental choice in education indirectly led to not only the tawse but all forms of corporal punishment to be banned by law in UK state schools. The legislation did not come into force until 1987. ,but most Scottish Education authorities had already banned the tawse by the early 1980′s.

Original tawses manufactured in Lochgelly in Fife are now considered collectibles and may be sold for several hundred pounds each.